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Terms & Conditions
Akallis Rent a Car | Car Rentals Chania Crete
 Full 24 hour rental (1 day).
 Car replacement in case of serious mechanical breakdown.
 Luggage rack and child seat (if requested).
 Road maps (if requested).
 Insurance to third parties or third party bodily injury and material damage to third party property, as well as life and fire insurance.
 Driver's age: Minimum 23 years.
 Driver's license: Greek or International issued at least one year ago.
 Minimum rental time: One 24 hours (1 day). Each additional hour is charged at 1/6 of the daily rate. Mileage always starts and ends at the rental office.
 Payment method: The calculated rental value plus 20% is paid in advance. Minimum limit per day €59. Final settlement, done after the lease is over. Credit card holders are exempt from the prepayment.
 Traffic violations: All fines from traffic violations and the consequences of administrative sanctions are borne by the customer.
 Gasoline: Paid by the customer.
 Taxes: 24% VAT on the total bill, borne by the customer.
 Rent here - leave there: Deliveries or pickups from city to city as long as the contract is previously agreed, written and signed.
 Transportation on ships or ferries: Not permitted
 Release of liability for damages: The renter is completely released from liability for any damage to the car, as long as he accepts the relevant terms of our contract with his signature and pays:
€9 per day for categories A - B - C.
€12 for categories D-E-F-G-
Driving in accordance with the road traffic code is a prerequisite.
Tires, wheels and damage to the underside of the car are not covered by any insurance.
Driver Passenger Insurance: The driver and passengers are insured for €3 per day.
Compensation for: Driver Every Passenger

Death 14.674 € 7.337 €
Total helplessness 8.804 €
4.402 €
Partial disability up to % 5.870 € 2.935 €
Hospitalization 881 € 440 €
Maximum compensation limit for each accident €35,217    
Prices and terms of the Price List are subject to change without notice.

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